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 It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

While reflecting on certain times in my life, I’ve come to realize that many of those times I’ve acted a little less than perfect. Okay, a lot less. So in doing this I have to say that I put important matters on the back burner instead of tackling them head on. Procrastination. That sounds like such a dirty, ugly, horrid word. And it is, really. Putting things off until the last minute like I did only made for restlessness and anxiety for me, and gave others the idea that I wasn’t worthy of their trust. It also lead to being late, giving others around me the feeling I didn’t care.

I do care!

  My solution—1-2-3-Go!   

Eureka! (TV series)

This method helped me tremendously. I still fall victim to procrastination once in a while, but mostly I have managed to change that bad habit before any more damage was done–letting those I care about know they can rely on my word. What are we if our word is no good?

So, 1-2-3-Go! goes something like this:                                                                                                                                                                        

1 -FOCUS   —   on what needs to be done, write it down in order of importance if needed.

2 –PRAY  —   for the Holy Spirit to guide you and hold you accountable if the task is incomplete.

3 – TAKE ACTION   —    Get up! Seriously, stand up and move toward whatever it is that needs doing. By doing this you have already taken control. This is half the battle.

GO!   —   Just do it! Tackle the task now, and don’t forget to thank God for your new attitude of godliness. 


day 280 - whew!

It will get easier. You may have devised your own method of avoiding procrastination. If so, that’s great. That means you’ve recognized this as a problem that needed to be combatted, and I give you props. Let me in on your method. C’mon, share.

Thanks for viewing.

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