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One of the funniest things about some inventions is when they fail and turn into a whole new invention.  Many of these became famous. When these people failed to carry out their goals how do you think they felt? Failure is inevitable. We learn from our mistakes just as these inventors did. Mistake sounds like a much kinder word than failure, doesn’t it? Even though that’s what they are at that moment, right?

I don’t think of people as failures, only what they try to accomplish. Some mighty tasty treats have resulted from these failures, though. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.  

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Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why we learn from our mistakes:


So you see, we’re not infallible. And that’s okay. It’s how we’re designed…imperfect, yes, but able to learn, be trained, and grow in knowledge.

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