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 What I'm reading and re-reading

Let me tell you about it. It’s chock-full of everything you can imagine. Something for everybody. It’s action-packed with danger, conflict, mystery, intrigue, passion, love, romance, happiness, and the ever-present struggle for power. Next, throw in some espionage, family life, generational differences, friendship, and travel. Not to leave out your anger-management, deceit, forgiveness, life, death, sorrow, indecision, failure, success, and oh, yeah–fashion sense.

Has your interest piqued? Okay, ready for the title? Here it is…The book I’m referring to is…the Holy Bible. No kidding. It’s the most popular book ever sold. This is not just my opinion. I researched this. It has many authors because it contains many books within a book. It was inspired by God. And if you’ve read it before and did not experience its power–pray for wisdom and understanding first. Then read it again. I guarantee you it will come alive, and you will get new meaning out of it this time around. It will change your life. Try it. It’s the greatest love story ever told! I’m talking about God’s love for all of us. After you read it for yourself, my hope is that you’ll be inspired to pick one up for someone you know. After all, it’s timeless, and it’s a classic and a great read.

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