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No, I’m not talking about shopping bags. I’m talking about diapers. Cloth or disposable? Here’s the scoop on poop. Baby poop, that is.  Your baby’s excrement is not as disgusting as what spews from the mouths of people who are sick…big or small. And if you can stand to pick it up after your dogs in the yard (or house),  you’ll find it’s not hard to rinse it out of your baby’s diapers. But now I know they make the cloth diapers prefolded and pre-shaped with lots of layers. Nice, huh?

Have you ever been to your local landfill and seen all the plastic shopping bags floating around? Can you visualize how many disposable diapers there are out there? I just did some research on this. There are 15 million disposable diapers per day taken to U.S. landfills. that’s 18 BILLION per year. Astounding, isn’t it? These things are not biodegradable, well, some are, but can you imagine what that kind would cost? Billions of them out there just waiting to be buried. This bears thinking about, doesn’t it? Let’s think about what this is doing to our planet Earth. 

More and more parents are opting for the cloth variety of diapers now. Cotton (the fabric of our lives) diapers BREATHE. Disposables…do not.  Food for thought, right? That’s why babies many times have such a bad diaper rash. Cloth costs so little in the long run because these diapers last for years. And if there happens to be another baby, you’re all set. They take very little time to dry. Ten minutes in the sun or heat of a summer day, then they’re done. Dry. Ready to fold. Oh…I forgot that they don’t make the one-ply diapers anymore. Not that I’m aware of. If you hang them outside to dry, I’m sure they take a little longer than that. Still well worth it. I happen to love cloth diapers. (Can you tell?) I personally had a “diaper fetish” and loved folding diapers. In fact, my diaper stacker was NEVER empty. I would fold diapers today if I knew anyone using them. The kind you have to fold, that is. I loved hanging them on the clothesline and watched them blow in the breeze. Once, I used too much bleach. So when the wind hit them…they turned a pretty lilac color. This went away when they dried, though. I got full use of my diapers, using them for two babies.  We got an extra dozen…okay, two dozen. Why? Well, because there are accidents. By this, I mean they sometimes get flushed.  Hey, it happens…ACCIDENTALLY! Also, once in a while I tended to leave one in a public bathroom. Again, accidentally.  But back to my train of thought (I missed the train).

cloth diapering is love. :)

cloth diapering is love. 🙂 (Photo credit: girlonthewire)

If you or someone you know is having a baby, and wants to save mega bucks in the long run, buy the cloth ones. With the construction of today’s diapers with liners, diapering is made easy. No diaper pins to stick yourself or your little sweetheart with. These are also too bulky to go down the toilet. Yea! Another plus.  Please, get these for yourself, for a friend, relative, it doesn’t matter.

Go green!

I’m adding some links to certain websites I’ve checked out. Feel free to visit these and get loaded up with enough information to make your choice about which diapers you will use, or collect some ammo to help someone else make their choice.

Diaper Central

Diaper Central (Photo credit: girlonthewire)

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