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You hear it mentioned all the time, everywhere you go. You think, everybody has it, right? Well, except for horse jockeys, ballerinas, workout gurus, and the like. So none of us has the perfect body. Big deal. What could a little belly fat do to us, huh, kill us?

The answer is — Yes, it can.

We’ve no doubt all heard of the dreaded Heart Disease and

Type 2 Diabetes. That’s what having a bigger waistline can cost us.

 Also estrogen levels can skyrocket, and the added risk of Breast Cancer is more

prevalent. There is the risk of Colorectal Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease as well.

Bells and whistles should be sounding loudly in our heads.

Sounds loud enough that if we chose to ignore them–other caring individuals will hear and succeed in getting us to do something about it by taking  action.

Read this:



The belly fat itself runs deep within the abdomen and surrounds our internal organs. This is called visceral fat, and it is  high on the list for contributing to the risk of  Strokes. Are we scared yet? It should scare us. I mean, if this doesn’t, what will?  Something has to be done to combat belly fat. Ladies, if our waistlines measure 35 inches or more,we are at risk for any of the afore-mentioned diseases or conditions. Men, for you it’s 40 inches and above.

overweight women stomach -

Well, I think we all know what it’s going to take, don’t we? Healthy diet, a good excercise regimen, reduce stress, reduce calories, and proper amount of sleep. I know, this sounds like a lot of work. But I’ve found that if you start with a good workout session, the other things will usually be easier to follow.


Ready for the great news? When we lose weight, our belly fat gets burned first. Yeah, that’s right! And if we add some cardio to our day, we combat stress and get better quality of sleep. That knocks out two on the list right there. How about it? Let’s get started on living a better way, and living another day!

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There is something weighing heavily on my mind. Have you noticed that more than ever before Diabetes and Heart Disease are rampant in the US? We should all be alerted to the fact that one major problem with many of our young people is their being overweight. I realize some people are overweight for different reasons, and that some people get diabetes who are not and have never been overweight. I know it’s not fair, but then neither is life. And so, we go on and deal with what life hands us as best we can. If you have Diabetes, diet and regular exercise is still key for those of us who are normal weight, too. And for those of us fortunate enough not to have this dreaded disease–the same advise should be put into play.


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

More than ever, we must deal with the problem of obesity in children before it’s too late. This has to be done now before they end up with needless future health problems. Small children who are overweight will likely be overweight teens, then overweight adults. The US is getting fatter than ever before, with obesity in young people soaring to new heights. With all the newest technology keeping them entertained, the majority of children don’t play outside very much, and they eat much more fast food and convenience foods than we did in previous years. Fast food restaurants are screaming at you to stop in or drive-thru for even more convenience.  

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of us probably don’t get the exercise we desperately need to keep our bodies healthy. Soft drinks or high-calorie beverages are all around us. Not to mention the cakes, pastries, pies, donuts, candy, ice cream, chips and more that make their way into our shopping carts on a regular basis. And we don’t drink enough water. We all need to respect our bodies and put the proper vitamins and nutrients in for them to function the way they were meant to function. We all need exercise daily to keep our major organs in peak performance.

There are free diet/weight control websites that track your progress, allow you to join groups to gain encouragement and encourage others toward their goals. We can’t let food and calorie-laden beverages control our lives. We can have these things once in a while so they have their place in our life as a treat. Treats are always nice to have and look forward to. Let’s all engage in some type of physical activity every day. We should shoot for 30 minutes a day. Now this may take a while to achieve this goal, but think…this is our life. And don’t we want to stick around at least a few more years? Yeah! Well then, shouldn’t we all start doing what we can to add years to our lives instead of subtracting them due to being unhealthy?
I urge everyone to visit this website:
Take their short test to see how you stack up.

10 Glasses of Water a Day

Here’s another thought. Our bodies are mostly made up of water. So every time we visit the bathroom we lose some of our water. We pee it out, in other words. It makes perfect sense to me that we should put more water back in. You know, replace it. Our bodies thrive on the stuff. We can have other beverages too, but we should have more water than anything else.

FYI..Water can aid in inflammation and other aches and pains throughout our bodies.
Here are some links to check out:



resolution (Photo credit: Ruzaqir Rachman (Back To Action))

Let’s not wait for New Year’s Day to make this resolution. Let’s start today. Even small changes make a big difference. C’mon, give it a try. We’ll feel better. And we have the power within us today to change tomorrow. Let’s hold each other accountable. Questions? Comments? I would love to share any more info I have with you. We need to help ourselves and each other.

Here’s to a healthier lifestyle.

Illustration of two glasses toastingCheers! 


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