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Words Cloud 02/01-08/02 2009

Words are powerful. You can’t successfully accomplish anything without the right words. In the workplace you need encouraging words from your employer to be able to do your job well. In return, you need to be an encourager for your customers or co-workers to interact well with each other. Sometimes we waste our words by just droning on and on to anyone who will listen. So yes, at times we bore people with our words. Our words can injure, cut, and tear down. They can also bless or curse. We tend to read or listen to profound statements and think Wow, that’s so true —but when it comes to someone’s opinion we tend to sometimes shy away from it until we’re reasonably sure of the outcome. We have power over our words. We can control our tongue. The old adage If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all is a profound statement, and are words to live by. We can have less stress in our lives if we think first about what we say before we chose to say it. Less stress; better health. We have the power to create a more respectful batch of teenagers today. We can–if we strive to weigh and control our words to each other, thereby loving each other with encouraging and kind words of praise. After all, didn’t Jesus command us to love each other, and do unto others as we would have them do unto us? And while we’re at it, let’s forgive each other, too. Your health will thank you. Holding grudges will eat you from the inside out. Life is too short — forgiveness is the key to better health. So, let’ chose our words wisely.

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