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Doughnut. Sweet food and red cup of coffee, tea drink. Breakfast, dessert with cake, snack. Brown wooden table. Bakery, sugar doughnut. Tasty espresso black hot morning beverage.

Oh yeah!

There’s nothing like it. Gotta have that java juice first thing in the morning to jump-start your day? Me, too.

Even better — the donut…with the coffee, of course.

Glazed donuts background image. Macro with shallow dof.
No, not this kind. Although, it does look yummy…..
Okay, I’m focused now.

This kind does your body no good at all. I know, they taste great. Really, I know! But trust me, they have zero value to your body.

What I’m talking about is the kind of donut with zero calories, zero fat and carbs, and zero sugar.

thinking women with question mark on white background

What other kind is there, you ask? This kind.

An inflatable air cushion isolated against a white background

In case you didn’t know, let me just say that THIS kind of donut is invaluable after a surgery/procedure concerning the lower body, making it painful to sit.

It’s medicinal, it’s magical, and it’s….soooo soothing. Add to this an ice pack in that area, and we’re talkin’ heaven on earth. I happen to have had surgery of this type, so I know the quality of healing this type of donut provides.


That’s right. You heard me. Zero.

Image result for confused woman

I see that look. Let me clarify.

Nobody but God —  our always faithful, all-powerful and true, living God — can heal our bodies. Things can bring temporary comfort, but our Lord of all creation brings about healing. Doctors play a tremendous part in the healing process, but our heavenly Father guides the doctors’ hands in surgery, as well as our recovery process.

Whether we need spiritual, physical, mental or emotional healing –God is in control, and He will give us what we need if we are truly His children. He is the God of all comfort. And He is worthy of praise.

Wooden cross isolated on white

Think about it.

And as always……

thanks for viewing.

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